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Shungite Pendant

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SHUNGITE - likely a stone most haven’t heard of. That is partly due to the healing properties that are just now starting to make their way into the limelight from this miracle stone.

Shungite due to its carbon properties, has the ability filter out not only physical contaminants but energetic as well.

So If you find your self sensitive to energy or even energetic frequencies such as wifi or 5G, grab some shungite and wear it around your neck.

This stone will assist in blocking out rogue signals and frequencies that can potentially distort your vibration.

The Shungite I use is Noble Shungite, also known as Elite or Silver Shungite. It is the extremely rare variety of mineral Shungite and contains small silver flecks in it. 

This pendant hangs right above your décolleté and also features a gold filled lunar eye charm to enhance subconscious clarity and intuition and ward off negative vibrations from chaotic energies around you. 

This Shungite necklace is something I personally made for myself to wear as a totem of awareness.

After getting several people asking about it I decided to replicate it and stock it in my store! 

Additional Details

  • Brass eye component
  • Chain Metal type : Gold-filled
  • Chain Karat : 14/20
  • Chain Width : 1.7mm
  • Chain Overall length/dimensions : 18"
  • Clasp type : Lobster
  • Chain Style : Cable

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